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Entrepreneurs build executive mindsets as founders/innovators of the world. Thinking like a boss requires the molecular structure of one. Be Academy delivers mental astuteness and cognitive potency of organizing and operating a profitable business.  Profitability is the aim for any business yet an entrepreneurs mindset and business intelligence powers success. An entrepreneurs ability to deal with and capacity to overcome is critical and doing better comes from knowing better.  Our training is designed to fill the gaps with the disciplines and principles behind business growth. It's not what you do but how you do it and we make sure business is done to win not fail.  

E - Student Path
  • Set-up a "Goal Review" session with Nichole~TheGr8Motivator (optional)
  • Register for a class, course or both, 
  • Create your BE Academy account
  • Join BE Group
  • Grow Your Business
How It Works...
Classes & courses are categorized by the 7 fundamental elements of business as majors and sub-categorized by business disciplines and corporate principles as electives. The electives listed below are the popular ones and not the whole suite.   

CURRENT ELECTIVES (classes and courses)...

Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
  • Intellectual Property Contracts&
  • Agreement
    Structuring (SOP, OEP, Guidelines..)
  • Analysis
    • Market
    • SWOT
    • Competitors
    • Customer
    • Economic 
  • Raising Capital
  • Business vs Corporate Credit
  • Investments
  • Loans/CV
  • Marketing 101 -Raise Your Awareness, 
  • Sales
  • Branding 101-Raise The Experience,
  • Advertising-Hitting Your Target,
  • Promotions-Enticing Audience...
  • Product 
  • Development 101
  • Production 101
  • Inventory 101 - Is King
  • The Customer Journey
  • Supply Chain 101 - Real Customer Satisfaction
  • Workforce Intelligence 101
    Organizing 101

Get access to everything you need to prosper and grow your business.



Business Classes/Courses

*Free Community
Marketing 101 Class
First class of Quarter 1 Mastering Business Series of Business Intelligence Development.  The class is where practice of theory is applied of marketing principles and business disciplines the forces behind profitability.

Marketing 101
Time: 12:00 Noon
$39.99 | 50% off code: M101

Grow Your Business!!!

The Power of Knowledge...
Research & Development Class 101
The secret to growing your business is knowing not guessing what your audience wants (demands) and market trends.   Research and Development is all about a business market share, the percentage of a market open for a brand's service or product. 
Business Formation: Inc, LLC, Partnerships, and more. 
Start your business out right and strong with the right structure for your purpose. Starting your own business is the mission to your purpose, knowing how you are to develop that business is based on the structure.

We incorporate in all 50 states, fees are based on state with a $75.00 prep and present charge. Business receive formation papers, SOP and EIN for free along with 50% off Stay Motivated Elite 1:1 Mentoring. 


Business Executive Academy...

Everything business, how it works and doing business right for the little fish in a big pond - The Entrepreneur. 

The BE Academy suite of business workshops, courses and classes caters to the development of entrepreneurs business intelligence; focuses on the business disciplines and corporate principles essential to bringing ideas fully developed, structured and profitable to life.   

No Excuses, all gain in the game of business. Theory meets practice of corporate principles and business disciplines in action.  We focus on the Know-how versus the Know-about. Entrepreneurs understand their role is to organize. operate, and lead their business to success. 

Instructors are experts in the respective business elements (majors), and fields/subjects (electives) to grow your business.  With a collective of over 40 years of experience each helping entrepreneurs level-up makes BE the best place to Grow Your Business. 
Nichole "TheGr8Motivator" Singleton
Business engineer, architect and motivator
Nichole background is in corporate America, staring at the age of 18 at Dean Witter Reynolds, she has evolved into a corporate-preneur who prides herself in engineering visions into reality as an architect of achieving goals. Nichole's teaching of business disciplines and corporate principles behind profitable brands has significantly help entrepreneurs 10x their business.  Nichole currently is an employee-preneur, working for a Fortune 500 company in an executive position while training entrepreneurs on how business works and the three Cs of a boss.  Get Active!!!
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